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These are one-on-one, personalized sessions to teach you awareness, survival skills and strategies.

These hands-on sessions include self-defense moves that can be utilized in every day situations. Jane will teach you to be aware in garages, malls and other places where you can be vulnerable.

Up to 6 Persons

Jane teaches self-defense seminars for small groups of six persons maximum. These are hands-on trainings where everybody practices.

The group can be girls heading off to college, seniors who want to stay alert and active, or any small group that wants to keep safe and build confidence.


Jane offers self-defense presentations to larger groups such as classes or assemblies. At the group’s location, Jane teaches survival signals and strategies, as well as hands-on self-defense tactics which can be utilized in every day situations. Presentations in the workplace environment can include staging real-life situations.


These are usually presented to a class-sized group. But they can also be tailored for a larger assembly.




The Wall Street Journal calls it “Cane Fu.” Jane calls it “Jane Fu!” Cane fighting is an increasingly popular way for seniors to move and develop self-defense awareness. Jane teaches on-site at senior centers.


Cane Masters System
Cane fighting is not just about self-defense. It’s also about moving and gaining confidence. Seniors and others can use cane fu to be active and develop self-defense awareness. The physically disabled can also be a part of this new movement.

Jane teaches you to beat stress, lose weight and focus on fitness. Feel healthy and look great.

Jane helps clients develop a personal routine and approach. Jane will teach you to stay fit and healthy in today’s stressful environment. Whether your goal is to look good or just feel good, she will show you the path.





Jane can customize training based on individual and/or group needs!

Jane Self-Defense offers 10% off class rates for members of the military and veterans.

One-on-One Self-Defense Class

1 hr             Contact for Price

Self-Defense Small Groups

1 hr             Contact for Price

Self-Defense Large Groups

1 hr             Contact for Price

Cane Fighting Self-Defense

1 hr             Contact for Price

Personal Training

1 hr                      Contact for Price

10 sessions        Contact for Price  

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