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Nancy Hernick, Dean of Students

“Jane has been teaching our high school girls for over seven years. She helps them to stay focused and aware. She encouraged them and made them proud at the same time. Jane teaches confidence.”

Richard Yin

“About six months ago, my wife found it hard to get in and out of a chair. Since she began working with Jane McKenna, her arms have gotten stronger, through exercise with 1-lb. weights and some exercises with a cane. With stronger arms, my wife finds it easier to get in and out of a chair and steady herself. Jane is also giving her exercises to make it easier to stay balanced on her feet. Jane’s training is clearly helping improve my wife’s quality of life.”

Lisa Davie, Girl Scout Troop Leader

“Jane taught our High School Girl Scout Troop a self-defense class.  These young women all have special needs which makes them particularly vulnerable.  Jane provided them with concrete step by step actions to take both verbally and physically.  She gave our girls permission and confidence to use their LOUD voices to protect themselves from danger.  Thank you Jane!!”

"Jane customized this class to my skill set and I really learned a lot in the short amount of time we trained. She tailored a strategy around what I was good at already for a potential street fight. Very interesting and useful!"

"It was definitely one of the best classes I have taken! Jane was very knowledgeable that she shared many great tips, survival skills and provided great hands on experience with me. I highly recommend this class to anyone!"

"Jane customized this class to my skill set and I really learned a lot in the short amount of time we trained. She tailored a strategy around what I was good at already for a potential street fight. Very interesting and useful!"

Lauren, San Diego

“I came to Jane after a frightening experience on a public bus in downtown San Diego. A few weeks ago, a large man became suddenly enraged after he thought I was staring at him. I am a short woman and had barely glanced in this man’s direction. The man had been sitting at the front of the bus and I was in the back. When the man ran to the back of the bus to corner me to scream and curse at me for “staring”, I felt helpless. It made me realize I needed to learn how to defend myself. I worked with Jane Self Defense. I no longer feel helpless and know exactly what to do. I highly recommend Jane Self Defense to anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves in a fun and stress-free environment. Jane helped me become stronger physically and mentally. Jane Self Defense has changed my life."

Carolyn Kachovec, Personal Training Client

“As my personal trainer for the last four months, Jane’s professional manner and organized approach was inspiring. From smoothie recipes to sit-ups and boxing, she came with it all and mixed it up. It was fun…and grueling.

"Jane is an exceptional teacher! She took the time to get to know me, assess my needs, and come up with a strategy that would best suit me if I were ever in a confrontational situation. She also took the time to discuss the importance of confidence, consistent practice, and methods to diffuse situations before they arise. I can’t recommend her and her course enough."

Christie L., Surf Instructor, Surf Instructor

“I’m a 24-year-old female living in a campus community where crime is high. I feel safer walking around campus now knowing ways to defend myself. I recently had someone try to break into my campus apartment while I was home. I used Jane’s safety tips and prevented a more serious situation from happening. When the police came, they told me I could not have handled the situation any better than I did. Jane taught me how to not be a victim, but to take action and that is just what I did.”


“Jane was extremely professional from the initial moment of contact to set up the class to the very end. She always responded quickly. In addition, she asked what we were interested in focusing on for the class and developed a seminar around our needs. The class consisted of children ages 8-13 and parents. Jane struck the perfect balance in teaching the parents as well as the students. She was always cognizant of the fact that there were children in the class and taught at that level. Everyone was pleased with the class. The children and parents learned a great deal. They all felt that if they had to defend themselves, they would have a better chance of surviving. Jane’s class was a 10/10 and we would highly recommend her for anyone thinking about taking a self-defense class or seminar.”

Bob Watkins, Activities Director, Bravo Health Care

“Jane has a gentle strength that seems to make our seniors feel like they can do it.”

"Jane is such a great instructor! She learned about me so she could tailor the session to my strengths. I walked out with more confidence and tricks should I ever need to defend myself. I also appreciated the exercise. I recommend Jane hands down! Or, 'Hands Up!' As Jane will remind you!"

"Excellent guidance. Every woman should be informed and practice self defense."

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