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Personal Safety and Awareness

Use your awareness to try to avoid trouble. Learn how to quickly assess the situation. I can help you work on increasing your ability to accurately assess the situation, and choose the most appropriate response.

Recognize Danger


  • Avoid known gang areas

  • Choose parking spaces carefully

Signals of Aggression

  • Be aware of your own body language as well as that of others

  • Eye contact

  • Transfixed stares

  • Nervous movement

  • Aggressive postures

  • “Baiting” conversation

  • ATTACK can follow

Observe Behavior

  • Persons loitering in public places (bus stops, convenience stores, etc.)

  • Inappropriate attire: overdressed could mean concealment

  • Slow moving vehicles and/or repeated passes

  • Attempts to conceal activity or looking out for witnesses

Minimize Your Risk

Move in Pairs or Groups

  • Strength in numbers

  • Being alone signals an easy target

Avoid the Dark

  • Note lighting in parking areas

  • Shadows offer concealment

  • Come home to a lighted house

Don’t Show Off Wealth

  • Don’t attract attention

  • Remove jewelry if necessary

  • Your life is more important


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